Carbon steel seamless pipes
  • Carbon steel seamless pipes
  • Carbon steel seamless pipes
  • Carbon steel seamless pipes
  • Carbon steel seamless pipes
  • Carbon steel seamless pipes
  • Carbon steel seamless pipes

Carbon steel seamless pipes

    Top quality: with all necessary tests as relative standards: Hydrostatic test, X-ray, Eddy current, FPI, FLT, UT, impact Energy, etc.
    Punctual Delivery: Large inventory of 30,000 tons per year for standard sizes to meet your urgent needs.
    Competitive prices: Direct manufacturer and15 years’ experience guarantee most competitive prices
    Excellent services after sale: professional team of sales and engineers offers you the most reasonable scullions, to answer your troubles/complain timely if any.
    Certificates to be furnished for all pipes as EN10204-3.1B

We are China Carbon Steel Pipe Factory. Seamless steel pipes are made by heat penetrating technology, raw material the solid billet goes through a piercing rod to create the hollow section without any welding or seam.

OD:φ21.3mm~φ660mm (1/2’'~ 26’’);
WT: 2.5mm~60m;
Length: 5.8m~12m;
Material: CS,LTCS AND AS

Dimension Toleranceof seamless steel pipes as standard ASTM A106/A106M

ODPermissible   Variations in Outside Diameter*
NPS   (DN)Over  Under
1/8   to 1-1/2 (6-40)1/64   (0.015)0.41/64   (0.015)0.4
Over   1-1/2 to 4 (40-100)1/32   (0.031)0.81/32   (0.031)0.8
Over   4 to 8 (100-200)1/16   (0.062)1.61/32   (0.031)0.8
Over   8 to 18 (200-450)3/32   (0.093)2.41/32   (0.031)0.8
Over   18 to 26 (450-650)1/8   (0.125)3.21/32   (0.031)0.8
Over   26 to 34 (650-850)5/32   (0.156)4.01/32   (0.031)0.8
Over   34 to 48 (850-1200)3/16   (0.187)4.81/32   (0.031)0.8
LengthSRL16-22ft   (4.8-6.7m); min 4.5m
DRLAverage   35ft (10.7m), min 6.5m
End   Finish≤1-1/2’’ (DN40)PE   or BE (at 30°-35°)
≥2’’ (DN50)Schedule   to XSBE at   30°-35°
Schedule   over XSPE
Root   face for BE ends1/16’’   +/-1/32’’ (0.8mm - 2.4mm)

*Except for pipe ordered as special OD tolerance or as inside diameter tolerance pipe.
*For pipe over 10’’ (250mm) OD ordered as special OD tolerance pipe, OD tolerance +/-1% of specified OD
*For pipe over 10’’ (250mm) ID ordered as ID tolerance pipe, the ID tolerance +/-1% of specified ID

OD: φ21.3mm~φ660mm (1/2’’ ~ 26’’);
WT: 2.5mm~60m;
Length: 5.8m~12m;
Ends: PE, BE
Finish: mill, black, PE, FBE, 3LPE, Galvanized, cement mortar, epoxy coated, thermal insulation

Mill color / black painted,
Plastic caps both ends.
Bundles for pipes below 8'', bulk =>8''
Hexagonal section bundles
Slings on both ends of each bundle
Plastic filmpacked to bundles (optional)
Wooden case for special material (optional)
Or as
clients requirements


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