What Are The Steps In The Seamless Steel Pipe Production Process?

Released on Jul. 16 , 2019

We are a factory who produces different types of pipes, such as P9 Seamless Steel Pipe. Today we like to share with you the production process of pipes.

P9 Seamless Steel Pipe

A production process of seamless steel tubes. It includes the following steps:

Step 1: material preparation;

Step 2: tube billet heating and cross-rolling perforation;

Step 3: trimming the capillary tube;

Step 4: thermal expansion deformation and sizing;

Step 5: heat treatment;

Step 6: straightening;

Step 7: internal grinding;

Step 7: correcting deviation;

Step 8: external grinding;

Step 9: flaw detection;

Step 10:refining, final inspection and packaging.

This process can not only produce high-grade alloy seamless steel pipes within a large group distance, but also has relatively small investment, high product quality, high production efficiency and low production cost.


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