Large Size ERW Steel Pipes Forming Technology

Released on Dec. 20 , 2018

1. Hot spinning method of ERW Steel Pipes 

It fixes the flat blank or the pre-formed blank to the rotating mandrel, applies pressure to the blank by the rotating wheel, and simultaneously feeds the rotating wheel in the axial direction. After one or more processing, various thin-walled hollow rotary systems are obtained. The process of the product.

2, hot extrusion method

Before the extrusion, the blank needs to be machined and pretreated. When the pipe fittings with a diameter of less than 100 mm are extruded, the equipment investment is small, the material waste is small, and the technology is relatively mature. However, once the diameter of the pipe is increased, the hot extrusion method requires large tonnage and high power equipment, and the corresponding control system is also upgraded.

3. Hot piercing and rolling method for China Q235 ERW Steel Pipes

Hot piercing and rolling is mainly based on longitudinal rolling and cross rolling. Longitudinal rolling and rolling is mainly limited to dynamic mandrel rolling mill rolling, small frame limiting mandrel rolling mill rolling, three-roller limiting mandrel rolling mill rolling and floating mandrel rolling mill rolling.

4, hot push expansion method

The push-expanding and expanding equipment is simple, the cost is low, the maintenance is convenient, the economy is durable, and the product specifications are changed flexibly. If it is necessary to prepare a large-diameter elbow and the like, only some accessories need to be added. It is suitable for the production of medium and thin wall thick large diameter seamless steel pipe, and can also produce thick wall pipe which does not exceed the equipment capacity.

ERW Steel Pipes


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