What Are The Advantages Of Steel Pipe Structure?

Released on Jan. 31 , 2019

What are the advantages of steel pipe structure? API 5L SSAW Steel Pipes Manufacturer can give you some introductions.

1. The geometrical characteristics of the pipe section are good, the pipe wall is generally thin, the section material is distributed around the centroid, the section has a large radius of gyration, and has strong torsional stiffness; as a compression, bending and bidirectional bending member, High carrying capacity.

2. In terms of anti-hydrodynamic characteristics, the cross section of the round pipe is the best, and the effect of wind and water flow is greatly reduced. The rectangular tube section is similar in this respect to other open sections.

3. The steel pipe is a closed section; in the case of the same average thickness and cross-sectional area, the exposed surface area is about 50% to 60% of the opening section, which is advantageous for corrosion prevention and can save the coating material.

4. The connection of the Welded LSAW Steel Pipes Q235B is suitable for direct welding, and it can save labor and materials without passing through the gusset plate or other connecting parts.

5. The appearance is relatively beautiful, especially the pipe truss composed of steel pipe members, without redundant node connection, and has a strong modern feeling.

6. If necessary, concrete may be poured in the pipe to form a composite member.

Welded LSAW Steel Pipes Q235B


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