Nine Common Seamless Steel Pipe Uses

Released on Nov. 23 , 2018

1. Bearing Q345 Seamless Steel Pipe: mainly used to manufacture rolling bearing rings.

2. Cold drawn precision welded pipe: mainly used for bicycle pipe material.

3. Hydraulic pillar pipe: mainly used to manufacture hydraulic props for coal mine wells, lifting pillars, hydraulic cylinder inner cylinders.

4. Carbon steel seamless steel pipe for ships: mainly used for the manufacture of Class 1 and Class 2 pressure pipes for ships.

5. Cold rolled seamless profiled steel pipe: mainly used for the manufacture of general structural parts.

6. Seamless steel pipe for conveying fluid: mainly used for conveying pipes. For example: central air conditioning, cold storage, gas, fire engineering, etc.

7. Precision inner diameter seamless steel tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders: mainly used for the manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and other pipe fittings with high internal and external surface roughness requirements and precise internal and external dimensions. For example: jacks, shock absorbers, motor casings, cylinders, injection molding machinery, etc.

8. Seamless steel pipe for structure from China Carbon Steel Pipe Factory: mainly used for general structure and mechanical structure.

9. Seamless steel tubes for low and medium pressure boilers: mainly suitable for superheated steam pipes of low and medium pressure boilers, boiling water pipes and other pressure-heated pipe fittings.

Q345 Seamless Steel Pipe


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