Gas LSAW Steel Pipes Knowledge

Released on Jan. 14 , 2019

The high pressure boiler tube is a type of boiler tube and belongs to the category of Gas LSAW Steel Pipes. The manufacturing method is the same as that of the seamless pipe, but there are strict requirements for the steel used in the manufacture of the steel pipe. High-pressure boiler tubes are often subjected to high temperature and high pressure conditions, and the tubes may oxidize and corrode under the action of high temperature flue gas and water vapor. Steel pipes are required to have high durability, high corrosion resistance and good structural stability. The high-pressure boiler tube is mainly used to manufacture superheater tubes, reheater tubes, air guiding tubes, main steam tubes, etc. of high pressure and better pressure boilers.

In China Carbon Steel Pipe Factory, due to the long-term operation of the boiler tube under high temperature and high pressure conditions, the material will creep, plasticity and toughness will decrease, the original structure will change, and corrosion will occur. Steel pipes used as boilers shall have:

(1) sufficient sustained strength;

(2) sufficient plastic deformation ability;

(3) Lesser aging tendency and hot brittleness;

(4) relatively high resistance to oxidation, coal ash, natural gas corrosion, steam and stress corrosion at high temperatures;

(5) Good structural stability and good process performance. The steel grades of high-pressure boiler tubes are carbon steel and pearlitic, ferritic and austenitic stainless steel. In order to improve the thermal efficiency and reduce fuel consumption of thermal power generating units, countries around the world are mainly developing large-capacity, high-parameter (high-temperature, high-voltage) thermal power units (1000MW or more). The steam pressure is increased to 31.5 to 34.3 MPa, and the superheated steam temperature is 595 to 650 ° C, which is developed to a better pressure critical pressure, thus putting forward a better requirement for the high pressure boiler tube. New steel grades have been developed for this purpose to meet the needs of high-parameter power station boilers.

Gas LSAW Steel Pipes


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